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How to Snack Responsibly

Snacking between meals can be one of the hardest things to master when sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle.   You are hungry, so you want to eat; however, you don’t want to ruin the progress you’ve made when choosing healthy options at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

OPT to Snack Responsibly

  1. Opt for smart choices
  2. Portion serving sizes
  3. Take it with you

Opt for Smart Choices

Think about all the fruits, vegetables, and nuts that you like.  Fresh produce and raw nuts are the most obvious choices for healthy snacks.  Don’t be distracted by 100 calorie pack cookies and crackers.  Stick with plants and other natural food sources.  Fresh produce and nuts are going to make you feel more satisfied than sugary “snack” foods.  Be okay with being the only one in the office who is snacking on something green.


Portion Serving Sizes

To save money, by your produce and nuts in bulk, and then portion them into individual containers.  Portioning also helps you to control how much you’re eating especially with nuts that are healthy yet high in calories.  Prepping only takes a few minutes per week.  You could easily prep all your snacks for the week in 20 minutes.  Can you find 20 minutes in your week?  YES YOU CAN!

Take it With You

By far the most important tip – TAKE IT WITH YOU.  If you leave your perfectly prepared snacks at home, they won’t do you any good at 10AM or 3PM.  Stick a note on your mirror, or set your phone to remind you before you leave the house.  Get your snacks!

You can check my purse.  I always have almonds for emergencies.

This week, OPT to snack responsibly.

How will you snack responsibly?

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