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How to Make Your Own 100 Calorie Pack Snack

Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen into the 100 calorie pack snack trap.  {I’m waiting}

I don’t buy them personally, but my office generally has a stash on hand.

Every time I eat one, I immediately wish I hadn’t.



Not because 100 calories would ruin my day, or because a sugary snack is soooo terrible now and then, but because they are soooo unsatisfying!

They look so cute and innocent in their bright packaging and it’s only 100 calories.  Yay! Then you open the bag, and you get 5 tiny cookies made of 100 questionable ingredients and you’re supposed to be satisfied.  That’s your snack.  LAME!

Instead, go for the healthier, cheaper, and more satisfying option. 

Make your own 100 calorie snack!

Here’s one I made for a late night snack:

Revived PB2 and frozen bananas

My friend Jennifer shared this snack idea with me.  Here’s how to make it:

2 tablespoons of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter + 1/2 a banana (frozen or not) = 100 calories.

This snack doesn’t come in a bag – it’s comes on a plate AND you get to dip something! Don’t you love to dip??

Sure – you have to put forth a tiny bit of effort to have this snack; however, I’m talking 2 minutes max.  It could take 2 minutes to get to the aisle at the store to buy 100 calorie packs, so use that time to make your own snack.

PB2 and bananas is one of a million snacks you could make at home that will be healthier, cheaper, and more satisfying than the crap that comes in a box.

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What’s your favorite homemade snack food?

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