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Moving to Florida : Day 21 – Exploring

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring, yall.  I used Facebook Events to find things that I might like to do!  For Day 21, I found a rooftop yoga class at a juice bar – uh – yes!

It was super fun and peaceful.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Followed my heart all the way to Boca Raton for a rooftop yoga class.
  • Met a nice girl at Raw Juce who let me try all the juices!
  • I’m noticing my happy heart voice when it speaks to me.

The Bad

  • Would have loved to be seeing David this weekend.

Beautiful Moments

  • The peaceful sunset and breeze from rooftop yoga.
  • Noticing the place where I attended Date with Destiny. I felt the emotion instantly.

Lessons Learned

  • Good moods are easy to keep when I’m in action!


  • I talked to strangers a lot more than usual today. They are just people that are afraid of “being weird” too!

What would life be like if you listened to your heart instead of your head?


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