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Moving to Florida : Day 25 – Rules and Options

Ever notice your “rules” for life?

I noticed mine big time today because they were starting to stress me out. I realized I had more important things to be stressed about then the number of showers I take in a day. Lol or how about skipping stress all together.

When we can become aware of our rules, we can choose to keep them or get rid of them – we have options.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Great conversations with people enrolling in my new morning routine challenge.
  • Awesome fitness walk, exercise, then beach time in the afternoon.
  • Made a yummy chili for dinner with plenty to freeze for later.

The Bad

  • Had some mini-breakdowns emotionally, but I recovered quickly.

Beautiful Moments

  • I saw a real sunset! It was the first time I have seen a vibrant sunset in the distant West. It was so beautiful and peaceful.
  • Chatting with my new friends at Dandee Donuts. Lol

Lessons Learned

  • Self imposed rules can serve me or hurt me. It’s okay to choose new ones for this new space and time in life or to let them go all together. It would be nice to have less mental chatter around making tiny decisions.


  • I’m getting better at refocusing on what’s important and what I am committed to. It’s hard to stay in the disempowering, upset mode. I used to be able to stay there for daaaaaaays. I’m glad I don’t choose that anymore!

Do you notice your rules?


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