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2 months and 15 inches down

Betty A, 44

“My first motivation to start living healthier was my amazing Coach Lauren was too nice, and I just couldn’t say “no” to her. So I decided to work out, but I didn’t believe that I will lose weight or will be in love with working out, I just wanted to get it done (21 days) then disappear from the group.  I’m proud to say I’ve made working out as my daily habit. I’m getting all this energy from my workout, so I will try my best to workout everyday. One time I worked out at 12:30am!“

3 months and 17 pounds down

Greg B, 40

“I love working with Lauren Phelps!! She has helped me build muscle, lose fat, and reach my best physique. And while she offers an intense workout, she also makes it fun! Lauren practices what she preaches – she has everyday experience living a life of fitness..“

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  Self Guided 4 Week Course 4 Week Course + Coaching
Step by Step Fitness Plan
Customizable Meal Plan
Convenient Superfood Shake
Positive Community Support
Goal Setting Power Call
Mindset Strategies & Techniques
Small Group Message Thread
Surprises, Prizes & Bonuses
Unlimited Text Support
Personalized Coaching Twice a Week by Phone
  $140 $309 $449

*All programs have the option to continue after 30 days.

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 “If you don’t have a vision for the future, then your future is threatened to be a repeat of the past.” – A.R. Bernard

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"I'm halfway through the course and all these great things are happening!
1. TWO pounds away from weight loss goal that I set for my outcome!
2. Worked out 6days this week!
3. Followed meal plans and have not cheated by eating bad sugars or indulging.
4. Coworkers noticing my weight loss.
5. Continuing to have an overall positive mindset with this journey."

~ Holli W

"I’m that kind of person who thought “going to the gym is difficult,” and “meal planning is not an option.” But I was wrong. The challenge packs gave me everything I needed to succeed one day, one meal, and one workout at a time. With the help and support of my Coach Lauren Phelps, easy became even easier. She is great at responding promptly to your nutrition and workout questions, gives you sound advice to adapt some workouts that could be challenging at the moment, and she’s great at following up with you!"

~ Manuel Z

"Win, win, win! Such a great week, and for me the hardest part was the planning. Win #1 - I planned. Win # 2 - stayed in control (with the help of Tawanda) of what I ate (because I planned!) #3 - positive attitude - thanks to Lauren and all of you! I would also like to thank Tawanda for helping me see that I CAN do this. I'm not trying, I am DOING! Today was a great day!"

~ Kris M

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“People who have what they want push through and start taking action.” – Mel Robbins

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