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What I Ate Wednesday #40 {Quesadillas}

So yesterday, I was out and about and craving Mexican food. I thought about going to Taco Bell… thought about what I’d order… thought… “I can make that at home.”  So I did… Here’s what I ate {homemade quesadilla}: Highlights: 1. The shrimp quesadilla pictured has nothing to with Taco … Continue Reading →


What I Ate Wednesday #39 {Thanksgiving!}

  Thanksgiving lunch was very tasty this year! I brought the dark green veggies and my mom cooked the dressing and lots of other sides.  Everything was very good! Here’s what I ate {for Thanksgiving}:   Highlights: 1. Smoked Turkey – aka – PROTEIN.  With all the carb heavy sides … Continue Reading →


What I Ate Wednesday #38 {Downtown Dining}

  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Next week’s post will definitely be a recap of what I ate for Thanksgiving.  This week, I’ll share what I’ve been eating around Downtown Memphis. Here’s what I ate {downtown}: Highlights: 1. CRANBERRIES are in season!  I couldn’t resist buying a bag at the grocery store. … Continue Reading →


What I Ate Wednesday #37 {New Lunch}

  Good news! I’ve found a new favorite lunch!  It’s slightly less healthy than the beautiful salads I enjoyed all summer; however, it’s mostly “clean” and it’s warm and tasty.  Chicken Quesadillas and Veggies!   My relatively new obsession with Mexican food is getting a little out of control. Here’s what … Continue Reading →


What I Ate Wednesday #36 {Movie & Pizza}

  Like the new WIAW button (above)?  As I walked to work today, it felt like WINTER.  Memphis, where is Fall?  60 to 28 degrees is not acceptable!   I’m having major sun withdrawals already. Here’s what I ate {last Saturday}: Highlights: 1. SALMON salad and a free hummus appetizer at … Continue Reading →


Healthy Isn’t Hard {How to Bake Fish}

In talking with people, I hear several phrases over and over again. “I’m too busy to eat healthy.” “Eating healthy isn’t convenient” “I’m not sure what “healthy” is.” I’m here to convince you that Healthy Isn’t Hard! It’s actually pretty simple. One of my go-to dinner meals is baked tilapia.  … Continue Reading →


What I Ate Wednesday #35 {New Salad!}

  Happy Wednesday!  Next week, I promise to have something more exciting to show you. Here’s what I ate {New Salad Topping!}: Highlights: 1. I revived some old salad toppings for my lunch salads!  Black beans and corn add a Mexican flare to my usual tomato, cheese, and cucumber salad. … Continue Reading →


Fitness Can Be Fun {Lose It with Lauren: The 300 Workout}

Fitness can ABSOLUTELY be fun! Do you agree? If not, I bet it’s because you’ve never tried a group workout. Group workouts are awesome because you get to connect with other people who are or who want to be healthy and fit.  You instantly have something in common and can … Continue Reading →


What I Ate Wednesday #34 {Almost Clean}

  It’s easy to eat clean until someone orders cheese dip!  My body was telling me to eat clean on this day.  I wasn’t feeling like myself and I knew smart food choices would bring me back to normal. Here’s what I ate {Almost a Clean Day}: Highlights: 1. Two … Continue Reading →