A Greeeeeen Protein Snack

Are you bored with almonds, protein bars, and cottage cheese? Here’s another protein snack that you can enjoy for about 180 calories, 22g protein, 10g carbs. Can you drink something GREEEEN?   Or does it freak you out? Here’s the recipe for this delicious snack: Blend— 1 scoop Sun Warrior Vanilla … Continue Reading →

Keeping the Motivation Alive

January is the time of year that everyone is talking about motivation and staying motivated to achieve new and better things.  That’s awesome!  It’s always a good time to want more for yourself, so I enjoy the excitement that January brings. So, how do you keep this motivation alive for … Continue Reading →


Mommy and Me Becomes Mother Daughter

I’ve noticed a lot of focus for fitness for new moms or “Mommy and Me” groups.  As a woman without children, I can only relate in the way that I think everyone could benefit from regular exercise and healthy habits. While talking with a friend, I realized that we shared … Continue Reading →


Fitness Can Be Fun: A Glow-INSANITY Celebration

If you think fitness can’t be fun, then you haven’t been to a glow workout! What’s a glow workout? Connect glow sticks to your shoes, wrists and neck. Turn off the lights. Turn on the black lights. Turn up the music and WORKOUT – INSANITY style. To celebrate the last … Continue Reading →

How a Workout Changed My Life

I like to say that INSANITY changed my life.  I don’t have a huge weight loss story, but I do attribute a huge change in my life to finding INSANITY. Four years ago, I was in the grind of “life after college.”  I was uninspired, unmotivated and unfit.  I felt … Continue Reading →

How to Eat Healthy Without Cooking

People often ask me what type of meals I make and what health recipes I can pass along. It may come as a surprise that I don’t cook much at all!  I’ve figured out how to achieve my goals without spending hours preparing meals.  Sometimes I’m able to skip grocery … Continue Reading →

Bikram Yoga – My Experience

I’ve been talking about trying “hot yoga” for a few years. As 2014 is coming to an end, I felt the need to GO FOR IT and finally attend a hot yoga class. I’ll admit – Bikram Yoga was a little a lot intimidating.  The website explained several rules and … Continue Reading →

Cardio Barre – My Experience

I finally went to see what the fuss was all about! Cardio Barre opened in Midtown about a year ago, and since then, several people have told me about it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought “I’ll try anything once.” Here’s what I liked: 1. The Music … Continue Reading →


Winter Squash Inspiration

Winter squash is here! At Farmer’s Markets and grocery stores, you should be seeing a variety of squash varying from pumpkin looking to strange looking! I’m always curious about these seasonal veggies, but I don’t always know how to cook them or what to pair them with. Recently I picked … Continue Reading →

Lean Down Sample Meal Plan

One of the phrases I hear all the time is, “I don’t eat that bad.”  We tend to give ourselves a break and have varying ideas of what is “good” and what is “healthy.” It’s hard to wrap our brain around new information when we’ve been doing things a certain … Continue Reading →