Hangry Happens

We’ve all been hangry.  You’ve had a busy morning and all of a sudden it’s lunchtime and you’re staaaaaaaaaarving.  You didn’t pack your lunch and the lines at nearby restaurants are forever long.  This is not a good situation! Good news – you can combat hangry by planning ahead. Step … Continue Reading →


How to Choose a Protein Bar

Have you ever walked down this aisle and felt overwhelmed? You’re not alone!  How are there so many options? Which one will bring you closer to your goals? Here are 3 tips for choosing the right protein bar: Step 1: Check the label. Don’t assume because it’s on this aisle … Continue Reading →


Getting Fit Just Got Techie

Lauren Phelps Coaching is GROWING! To help keep up with the scheduling and business management demands of running a small business, I have partnered with MINDBODY to provide mobile and online booking and payment options. Through the website or app, you can easily see where I’m teaching INSANITY or sign … Continue Reading →


Beachbody 3-Day Refresh Review

Do you ever feel gross after a weekend of over indulging with food or alcohol? Do you need a strict routine to force you to make better decisions? This is why I chose to try the 3-day Refresh.  For me, it was a great way to detox and move away … Continue Reading →


3 Reasons to Workout with a Polar Bear

Okay — Not really. People often ask me how many calories they burn during a workout.  I always suggest that they get a heart rate monitor like the one I wear.  It’s by the brand POLAR, like the bear. The most basic models like the FT4and FT7 are great for … Continue Reading →


5 Reasons I Drink My Breakfast

Three years ago, I started drinking my breakfast. I drink my breakfast because: It’s Convenient – bag to blender, grab and go It’s Simple – no planning or prepping It Ships to my Door – fewer trips to the grocery store!! It Gives Me Energy – the natural way, no … Continue Reading →


INSANE and Fitter than Ever

Last night the April 2nd INSANITY group took their final fit test.  The attitude in the room was totally different from week 1. Hesitant looks were replaced with fierce determination. They were ready to ROCK the fit test and they did. If you’ve ever done INSANITY at home, then you … Continue Reading →



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What I Ate Wednesday #40 {Quesadillas}

So yesterday, I was out and about and craving Mexican food. I thought about going to Taco Bell… thought about what I’d order… thought… “I can make that at home.”  So I did… Here’s what I ate {homemade quesadilla}: Highlights: 1. The shrimp quesadilla pictured has nothing to with Taco … Continue Reading →


What I Ate Wednesday #39 {Thanksgiving!}

  Thanksgiving lunch was very tasty this year! I brought the dark green veggies and my mom cooked the dressing and lots of other sides.  Everything was very good! Here’s what I ate {for Thanksgiving}:   Highlights: 1. Smoked Turkey – aka – PROTEIN.  With all the carb heavy sides … Continue Reading →