What I Ate Wednesday #19 {July 4th}

My parents hosted a cookout to celebrate the 4th of July. We had great conversation and yummy food.  I ate so much that I didn’t need to eat dinner that night!  Good thing the only “bad” thing I ate was cherry pie and ice cream!

Here’s what I ate {on the 4th}:



1. Vanilla Shakeology – New flavor, Chocolate is still my favorite.
2. “Guacamole” – Rachael Rays recipe. Yummmm
3. Super fun photo shoot on Main Street. Look around my site to see more photos from the shoot.


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Did you know what you eat matters more than how much you exercise? HOWEVER – you still need to exercise. Click to request my help.

Trying something new – Do you like my new WIAW layout?

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #19 {July 4th}

  • Love your new WIAW layout!

    When I first lost 50kgs (110 pounds) I did no exercise for the 10 months that it took me. Not one bit. It was all based on food. Although it was a very strict diet and not one I could maintain for life it definitely taught me how important food is more so than exercise can ever be.

    • That’s awesome, Jan!! Food is fuel and exercise just becomes something to do for fun. Your story is inspiring!

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