How to Have Fun Working Out {Don’t Roll Your Eyes!}

Yep – I said it. You can HAVE FUN while you exercise.


Friends make fitness fun!

“But Lauren, I HATE working out. It’s so booooooring.”

If that’s you, I believe you haven’t found the RIGHT exercise yet.

No matter your situation or fitness level, there is an exercise that will light you up. You will get excited when you do it, and you will actually look forward to it. I promise.

So, how do you find that magical activity?


Here’s a list of exercises that you can try:

  1. Ellipticals or Treadmills
  2. Weight Lifting
  3. Gym Classes (Group Aerobics, Zumba)
  4. Running
  5. At Home DVD Series (Insanity, P90x, Jillian Michaels)
  6. Functional Movement Training (Crossfit)
  7. Outdoor Boot Camps
  8. Biking
  9. Rollerskating
  10. Sports (adult leagues, hello!)
  11. Martial Arts
  12. Hiking
  13. Kickboxing / Boxing
  14. Swimming
  15. Yoga

If you think exercise is boring, have you tried all 15 things on my list?  No – you haven’t!


Go try the other things on the list.

One of them could be your next passion.

One of them could ignite your fire and take you to the next level of health and fitness.


Your body and mind will thank you.


What type of exercise lights your fire?

Need help choosing a workout that’s fun? Let’s chat about your options.


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