Find Your Smile. Get Fit. Eat Well. Love Life.

How to Smile 2 Get Fit

Ready to change your life for the better? Here's how I can help:

Personal Training

Get your own personal coach to help you create a plan to get healthy and fit! Exercise and nutrition plans are based on your specific goals.


Take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL with the LIVE version of ShaunT\’s DVD workout INSANITY. It\’s a little crazy, but there are modifications for any fitness level.

Workout At Home

Too busy for EVERYTHING? Simplify your fitness and nutrition with 30 minute at home workouts and easy to follow nutrition plans. I’ll be your Beachbody Coach.

Easy Nutrition

Feeling tired all the time? Never eat enough veggies? Craving junk food like crazy? If you said yes, then you need to try Shakeology. It’s my breakfast every day since 2011.

Lauren's Philosophy

From skinny and stuck to fit and free!
Become the best version of YOU. Live the life you've always wanted.

Take a look at your life today. If you’re stuck in a body or a job that you don’t love, then take responsibility for your circumstances and start making a change. Life will always try to get in your way, but YOU don’t have to let it anymore.
Focusing on becoming the best version of myself has been the key factor in my success. When I started following people who were successful, I started to believe that I could be successful too. When I tried a new exercise routine on a whim, I discovered my true passion for encouraging others. When I started listening to my body, I adopted healthier eating habits and lots of things changes for the better. My company would not exist if I hadn’t shifted my focus from “normal daily life” to creating a life that I wanted.
No matter if you’re starting your journey to be healthy or to find work that you love, you have to invest in YOURSELF first.
It’s your time to shine. Let’s start today!

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  • Fit
  • Focused
  • Free

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